Disaster Preparedness: Advanced First Aid Kit items

Disaster Preparedness: Advanced First Aid Kit items

In this short video, I will go over a few things to add to your First Aid kits. Most of the items are along the lines of more advanced skill levels, however if you get the proper training BEFORE a disaster you might have the equipment to save someones life.

Things like:
Blood pressure cuffs
Stethoscope for listening to breath sounds, bowel sounds, and heart tones
Glucometer for diabetics
Glucose tubes for bringing up blood sugar
Space emergency blanket
SAM splint
Oral and Nasal Airways
OB kit for delivering babies
BVM and CPR mouth masks for ventilation
IV supplies for fluid replacement
Suture supplies and Staples for larger lacerations


13 Cold Weather Camping Hacks

13 Cold Weather Camping Hacks

Outdoor Survival : 13 Winter Camping Tips For Every Survivalist

Winter camping means having to deal with harsh elements and cold weather. The latter is perhaps the most outstanding feature of the winter camping experience. Cold weather can be a source of great discomfort for many, but for some survivalists, camping in the snow poses an exciting challenge and is a way to put your skills to the test. If you’re well prepared and know what you’re doing, winter camping can help you better understand your capabilities as well as your limits.

Tips For Winter Camping Every Survivalist Should Remember

While winter camping is not everyone’s idea of fun, it can still be made enjoyable and comfortable. The important thing is to be prepared as you will be needing more gear than you would while camping in the summer. There are lots of benefits to be gained from winter camping. There are fewer campers, more space, and cheaper fees. You won’t be bothered by bugs. If you are properly equipped, you will enjoy a restful sleep. The campfire also becomes more enjoyable in the snow. To make the most of your winter camping experience, you need the right gear, the right attitude and these tips that we have collected.

1. Prepare for winter camping

winter camping

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Prepping with Ham Radio

Prepping with Ham Radio

In the aftermath of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, landslide or other natural disaster, or even an act of terrorism or some other catastrophic man-made event, communication plays a vital role in man’s survival.

Prepping With A HAM Radio

You may have secured your family in a safe area and your bug out bags have proved useful, but you are going to need contact with other survivors and of course help would be more than welcome.

Cellphones will not work when the cellphone facilities are torn down; the same is true with land-line phones. It would also be logical to assume that power lines are going to be down, as well as the internet in the affected area. This is where amateur or HAM radio comes in.

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