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13 Cold Weather Camping Hacks

Outdoor Survival : 13 Winter Camping Tips For Every Survivalist Winter camping means having to deal with harsh elements and cold weather. The latter is perhaps the most outstanding feature of the winter camping experience. Cold weather can be a source of great...

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Prepping with Ham Radio

Cellphones will not work when the cellphone facilities are torn down; the same is true with land-line phones. It would also be logical to assume that power lines are going to be down, as well as the internet in the affected area. This is where amateur or HAM radio comes in.

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LDS Emergency Preparedness 5

  Visit for more information.     LDS Emergency Resources presents a compilation of the best LDS Preparedness videos including tips on LDS Food Storage, Disaster relief, LDS Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Communications,...

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Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

We don't often think about how an emergency situation could really challenge a senior. Michele Clock, Communications Officer at The County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services, gives us powerful advice on how to better prepare for any emergency. These tips could...

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Emergency Preparedness Workshop

Be prepared for tornado, floods, fires, riots, unrest and financial collapse . Pastor Darby goes in deep detail to give you the best chance at surviving a disaster. Please share with friends and family. <script async...

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