Disaster Preparedness: Advanced First Aid Kit items

Disaster Preparedness: Advanced First Aid Kit items

In this short video, I will go over a few things to add to your First Aid kits. Most of the items are along the lines of more advanced skill levels, however if you get the proper training BEFORE a disaster you might have the equipment to save someones life.

Things like:
Blood pressure cuffs
Stethoscope for listening to breath sounds, bowel sounds, and heart tones
Glucometer for diabetics
Glucose tubes for bringing up blood sugar
Space emergency blanket
SAM splint
Oral and Nasal Airways
OB kit for delivering babies
BVM and CPR mouth masks for ventilation
IV supplies for fluid replacement
Suture supplies and Staples for larger lacerations


Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Family – (4/5) Home Supplies

In this video I go over some basic items that would be good to consider when stocking up on supplies. I do not want to go into detail of what to get or how much to get but I want to instead touch on some ideas that may not be so obvious. Presented here are some high value, low cost, equipment and supplies that may be overlooked.


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